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New Patients

Click here for more information about the Department of Neurosurgery at SLU Hospital.

If you haven't seen one of our physicians in three years, you are considered a new patient.

Please have your primary care physician fax in the following documents:

  • Referral (If you want to see a specific neurosurgeon, please indicate on the referral. Otherwise, you may make the fax attention to Department of Neurosurgery
  • Patient demographics
  • Last office visit notes
  • Any recent imaging reports (MRI, CT, XRAY, etc) - at least one type of imaging is needed for review before we can schedule a clinic consultation visit

Fax all documents to 314-577-8720

DO NOT MAIL IMAGING CDS to our office. Bring them to your appointment.

Referral Process

In order to provide you the best care, we have the following process in place:

  1. Referral is received by fax
  2. Patient information is verified
  3. Neurosurgeon reviews referral
  4. Approved for clinic scheduling
  5. Precertification
  6. Clinic is scheduled

If you have any questions, please call us on our main line at 314-577-8715 or you may call our team members. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Our Team Members

Jodi Walsh Nurse Supervisor 314-268-5252
Julie Leyva Clinical Manager 314-577-8714
Tanika Randle Insurance or Precertification 314-577-8731
Stephanie Ruminer Insurance or Precertification 314-577-8738
Sharon Dickerson Billing 314-977-6584
For Dr. Abdulrauf, Dr. Coppens, Dr. Synkowski Crystal Burston 314-577-8702
For Dr. Bucholz and Meghan Glover, PA Sheila Arnold 314-577-8846
For Dr. Mercier and Dr. Kemp (ADULTS) Shelecia McKinney 314-268-2700 x3542
For Dr. Mercier and Dr. Kemp (PEDIATRICS) Kelly North-Lepsky 314-268-2700 x1598

For all non-emergency, general questions, please use this contact form.