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Call Schedules

Resident call schedules are designed to maintain compliance with the ACGME's 80-hour work-week restriction. Currently, the PGY2-PGY5 cover in house call for both SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. A senior (PGY6/7) provides at home back up call coverage at all times. Attending call schedules are separated into cranial neurosurgical call and neurovascular call at SSM Saint Louis University Hospital (SLUH) and Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital (CGCH), and adult spine call at SLUH.  Call schedules are provided on a monthly basis and include information including resident call, attending call, and resident days off/vacations.

Resident Call

In-house call is covered by junior residents nightly with the chief resident or subspecialty chief resident as senior level backup.  During vacation time for on service residents, the off service resident is available to cover in-house call as well as the daily service responsibilities.  Interns work from 6 am to approximately 6 pm daily Sunday through Friday.

The neurosurgical service at Saint Louis University is heavily dependent upon computer technology.  Both of the main hospitals utilize EPIC for its electronic health record throughout the system in both the inpatient and outpatient environment. Additionally, the neurosurgical service retains a separate database of our patient files. The patients' admission notes, day-to-day progress, and management plans are maintained on a central server and able to be accessed by a mobile device.  A database dating back to 2000 of nearly 10,000 patients is maintained on an internal server.  Very detailed information is tracked and is available for quick reference and updated "on-the-fly" while rounding.

Attending Call

The neurosurgery attendings rotate on the general neurosurgery call schedule.   Vascular call is shared by Dr. Jeroen Coppens and Dr. Katie Huynh.  When a resident is on call, he or she will field all ER calls, floor consultations, and ICU and floor nurse calls both at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital and SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital.  When the service is consulted, the on-call attending and back-up resident are notified. For any inpatient management question, the back-up resident is available either over the phone or for direct supervision as needed.  Any operative cases are staffed by the back-up senior resident, the on-call resident when able and, of course, the attending on call.  Neurosurgical bedside procedures are performed by the resident on-call or the senior backup resident as necessary.

Spine Call

Spine call is shared with the orthopedic service. On average, neurosurgery takes one in three weeks of spine call throughout the year.

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