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Saint Louis University Advanced Neurosurgical Innovation Center (SANIC)

The Saint Louis University Advanced Neurosurgical Innovation Center (SANIC) was founded in 2008 by Richard Bucholz, MD with a 5.3 million dollar grant from the Department of Defense to study traumatic brain injury (TBI) in military veterans.  Since its inception, SANIC has added additional full-time research faculty with expertise in neuroimaging and neurobehavioral functioning.

Research at SANIC is focused on investigation of scientific and clinical use of technology to better understand and treat neurologic disorders.  Current projects use functional neuroimaging (functional magnetic resonance imaging or diffusion tensor imaging), neurophysiological instruments (magnetoencephalography, or MEG), and neurobehavioral metrics (neuropsychological testing) to study neurological disorders.

Along with 8 other institutions, SANIC also participates in the Human Connectome Project headed by Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Minnesota, which is one of the largest neuroscience studies ever funded by the National Institutes of Health.  Future projects under development at SANIC are in the areas of neuroimaging, telemedicine, and neurosurgical intervention.


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