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Recent Publications

Bolzenius, J.D., Salminen, L.E., Paul, R.H., & Roskos, P.T. (in press). Cognitive and self-reported psychological outcomes of blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury in veterans: A preliminary study. Applied Neuropsychology.

Gfeller, J.D. & Roskos, P.T. (in press). A comparison of insufficient effort rates, neuropsychological functioning and neuropsychiatric symptom reporting in military veterans and civilians with post-acute traumatic brain injury. Behavioral Sciences and the Law.

Luo, Q., Xu, D., Roskos, P. T., Stout, J., Kull, L., Cheng, X., Whitson, D., Boomgarden, E., Gfeller, J. D., & Bucholz, R. D. (2013) Complexity Analysis of Resting–state MEG Activity in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients. Accepted for publication Journal of Neurotrauma.

Stout, J., Bolzenius, J., Roskos, T., Osman, M., Frausto, R., Bucholz, R., & Mogul, D. (2013, 6-8 November). FMRI assessment of load based working memory in blast TBI and associated effects in FDG-PET signal. Paper accepted for presentation at The 6th International IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference. San Diego, CA.

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