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Residents are required to attend clinics on a weekly basis while on service. Patients seen in clinic fall into one of the following broad categories: specialty-specific pre-operative consultations or operative evaluations, post-operative follow-ups, or follow-ups from on-call inpatient consultations (e.g., trauma patients).

Adult Neurosurgery Clinics

Residents are expected to provide coverage for adult neurosurgery clinics. Each of the adult faculty has either a half or full day clinic once a week. The clinic is currently located in the Cancer Center on the second floor, immediately adjacent to the hospital. Each attending has a clinical nurse who is responsible for scheduling outpatient tests, follow-up appointments, and other pre-operative or post-operative studies. The role of the resident is to perform a thorough history and physical examination on new patients, a focused history and exam on follow-up patients, review any and all imaging studies with the attending physician, and generate a management plan.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinics

The pediatric neurosurgery clinic is held at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital on the ground floor in the outpatient area. The pediatric resident will cover Dr. Mercier’s half day clinic each week. Each clinic is also staffed with a clinical nurse as well as our pediatric nurse practitioner.  There are also monthly separate pediatric multidisciplinary clinics that involve neurosurgery including myelomeningocele and brain tumor clinics that are staffed by residents when they are not in the operating room.